Tatiana Tatum Zalapskaia

Game Development Student at University of South Carolina Beaufort

Videogames & Game Art

B4BYRUN videogame playthrough (solo project)

B4BY Asset Highlight - Background "Seamless" Textures 

B4BYRUN Soundtrack - 16-bit Cover of "Think About Things" by Daði & Gagnamagnið 

B4BYRUN Asset Highlight - Level Backgrounds

B4BYRUN Asset Highlight  - Start and Win screen

CATHOUSE 3D model, lowpoly 

Wing Suit in Teal Fabric 

lowpoly 3D model

Wing Suit in Black Latex

lowpoly 3D model

Wing Suit in Red Leather

lowpoly 3D model

Traditional Art



Burnout 2023 

Ceramic Sculpture (Stoneware, Oil Paint) 

12in x 10in x 8in

Flourish 2023 

Ceramic Sculpture (Stoneware, Underglaze) 

18in x 6in x 8 in 


Ceramic Sculpture, Stoneware, Glaze 

Peachbelt Conference Art Show - 1st Place 


Ceramic Sculpture , Stoneware, Glaze

TECHSTARS Startup Weekend Beaufort - 2023

TECHSTARS Startup Weekend is an international startup initiative, where young entrepreneurs compete in a "Shark Tank" mode, developing a pitch over weekend and presenting it to judges, competing for lucrative prices.

When Beaufort hosted TECHSTARS in 2023,  we won the competition with the idea of GARNISH - an AI-generated food photography solution targeted at small business owners. Without previous experience, but with seasoned mentors and extremely talented crew, we've created a shape of future company. 

I am sincerely grateful to my crew, Beaufort Digital Corridor, event sponsors and judges for believing in my idea and providing me with resources to start working towards this project.   Beaufort Digital Corridor has generously awarded Garnish with a year of office lease, providing me with the ground to build my dreams. 

Beaufort Digital Corridor's Press Release 



tatiana@tatianatatum.com  tel. +1 202-855-8170     

500 Carteret st, 29902 Beaufort, SC